Shaping the Global Leader

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“Brace yourself for a breathtaking journey in the multi-faceted world of cultural beliefs and practices. A must for any student, professional, and world traveler wanting to increase their cultural IQ.”  Dr. Nitish Singh, Professor of International Business, The Boeing Institute of International Business, Saint Louis University, USA

“This book offers a new appraoch to a better understanding of other cultures and would help prevent wrong ideas on how a business person or an international lawyer should behave when negotiating with partners from other cultures.” ―Joël L. Monéger, Emeritus Professor of Law, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, Dr HC, France

“This book presents a comprehensive view of the world’s cultures and their implications for business; it will be extremely helpful to anybody trying to successfully do business globally.”―Jean Paul Montupet, Former Chairman, Emerson Asia Pacific and Former President, Emerson Europe. 

“If you are interested in any serious way in participating not only in Global world business but also in enjoying the experience, Good to Global is a must read that will give you in-depth analysis of cultures, practices and ideas so you can enjoy the world in a more inclusive way. Biggs, Bussen and Ramsey have done a great job by combining research with practical examples to make the journey of becoming a better world citizen a decidedly pleasant one.” Juan Ferreira, President Latin American Division, Sumitomo Chemical

“Biggs, Bussen and Ramsey take their readers on a global expedition, connecting real world examples of success and failure to prepare us for the sometimes tenuous, often rocky landscape of global organizational culture — helping us to keep our own biases in check — so we can expertly navigate the global landscape.”―Tim Nowak, Executive Director, World Trade Center – St. Louis


Considering behavioral norms in their cultural contexts, this book arrives at a fully operational international leadership theory – and makes it accessible to academic and professional readers alike.

Shaping the Global Leader fundamentally covers eight cultural dimensions gleaned from acclaimed international leadership scholars. These dimensions are supplemented with classic behavioral psychology and interviews with renowned organizational leaders who relate their experiences in that area, and underscored with actionable strategies.

This book serves as an eminently readable and enlightening handbook for those working, leading or studying interculturally. Both students and professionals in international leadership or business will be provided with clear and actionable organizational insights for an increasingly complex global landscape.